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Internet Order Information

Internet Order Information

Processing Internet Orders

Orders are processed at 7am and completed by 12pm EST Monday through Thursday (except for US Holidays and observed holidays where we are not in the office).


Order Status

Throughout the Internet Order Process, your order will change statuses frequently. Here are the most frequently used statuses:


Awaiting Payment  -  The checkout process has been completed, but the payment has yet to be confirmed. Authorize only transactions that have not been captured will have this status.

Awaiting Fulfillment  -  The checkout process has been completed and the payment has been confirmed.

Awaiting Shipment  -   The order has been pulled, packaged, and waiting to be shipped.       

Shipped  -  The order has been shipped and completed. Tracking information has been sent and the order is enroute to its final destination.

Cancelled  -  The order has been cancelled due to inventory inconsistencies or for other reasons.

Declined The order was declined for the lack of payment or for other reasons.

Verification Required  The order is on hold and needs to be manually confirmed.

Pending  -  The order is placed on hold due to possible short term inventory inconsistencies. 



When your order is placed, a hold is placed on the funds for the order on your card.  If you are using a debit card, you should see the hold immediately.  It will not show up immediately on  a credit card.  We authorize the payment the same business day that we ship your order.  If your order is cancelled, we void the authorization or  -  in the event that we have already authorized payment  -  issue a refund.  You should see a refund within 3 business days.  If we voided the authorization, the hold should disappear within 3 business days.  Please note that we do not accept the payment unless the order is able to be shipped.  We recommend that you use a credit card rather than a debit card, as the debit card will remove the money from your account immediately.  Also we never see your card information, so if your order has been cancelled and the money is still pulled form your account, please contact your bank.  If there is a problem with a hold release or refund, your bank will need to contact us.



Orders for in-stock items are processed and shipped within 3 business days of when they are processed, although we do our best to ship them the very next business day.


Unavailable Items

Orders for items that are out of stock are left open for a maximum of 30 business days.  If we are able to obtain more inventory during that time, your order will complete processing and ship.  If we are unable to obtain more inventory, your order will be updated and or cancelled.  We can't leave internet orders open indefinitely due to credit card authorization regulations.


Making Changes to Order

We are unable to add items to or combine orders once the order has been placed.


If you would like to change or cancel an order before it has been shipped, please reply to your order confirmation email.  If your order has not yet been processed, we will attempt to honor your request, but we can't guarantee that we can make the changes or cancel the order.  You can always return unwanted items for a refund once they have arrived at your shipping address.  If you didn't receive an order confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder.  You can Contact Us by email, but note that you MUST have your 4 digit order number or we will be unable to look up your order.  We apologize for any inconveniences. 


Address Corrections or Other Problems

We can change the shipping address on your order as long as you contact us before the order processes.  The easiest way to do this is to reply to your order confirmation email.  If we have already processed and shipped your order, we will be unable to retrieve the order.


We  cannot process a change on an international address after the order is submitted.


If we were unable to ship your item to the address you've provided, we will do our best to correct the address within the US Mail guidelines and ship it that way.  We will email you if we cannot resolve your address problem.  If we are unable to contact you to get a corrected address, we will cancel your order and issue a refund.






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